Historic Dutch Flouwer Mill 'Kijkduin'

Curious about how a historic flour mill works?

Korenmolen Kijkduin is an original Dutch flour mill that was crucial in the past for the food supply of the region. Farmers delivered their products to the mill, which processed them into flour. As early as 1573, mention was made of a mill on this site. That was a wooden so-called Standerdmolen. The current stone version dates from 1772 and is run by a group of volunteer millers.

In the video you can see the beautiful wooden construction in action and discover what it takes to grind the grains into flour.

The mill is open to the public almost every Saturday and you can buy the products in the authentic atmospheric shop. Consult the website: https://www.molen-kijkduin.nl

Enjoy this fascinating historical spectacle.

From time to time, the grooves of the millstone need to be reworked. That's called buttocks.

The mill is open to the public every Saturday. The products are sold in the atmospheric authentic shop.

Molen Kijkduin (Regionaal Archief Alkmaar)

The miller installs the sails on the blades

Master miller Fred Prins

Miller Nicole Bakker is turning the cap of the mill to the wind

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